Posted by: interwebwords | July 4, 2008

Plugins for Josh’s Bistro

Okay, what’s a plugin?, you ask.

A plugin is a small software program that connects with or “plugs in” to a larger program. In this case, they plug in to WordPress. More info…

For Josh’s Bistro, we have chosen six.

Add to any ~ This one lets readers add , share or save the post to social networks sites and browsers. It is elegant as well as effective.

Akismet ~ A clever anti-spam component that checks the comments to make sure they were really written by a human.

All in one SEO pack ~ SEO stands for search engine optimization and this plugin sets up your blog to be as obvious as possible to search engine spiders so that you get a good listing at Google, Yahoo and the others.

Google XML Sitemaps ~ This is really another SEO tool because it creates a structure or “web site map” that is easier for the search engine spiders or robots to navigate and understand. Again, this gives you abetter listing at the major search engines.

WP-cache ~ This speeds up your blog via optimised caching of information.

WP-FLV ~ A plugin that makes it easier to place and run video on your blog.

Activating these plugins is a little like putting a NOS system on your car. Everything goes way better.


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