Posted by: interwebwords | July 9, 2008

Changing the Header Picture

If you are setting up your own WordPress business blog and are using a design that has a header picture, here’s how to change it to one you want. Proper designers might like to stop reading now because this is a really quick and dirty way to do it. But it works!

The header picture or image is the one that goes up the top, just like the one on this blog, which is a picture of the sea that I took from a headland some time ago.

Okay, here goes. Put your mouse cursor on the picture and right click (Sorry Mac people, I only have a PC). Choose and left click “View Background Image”. Look up the top of the page (I use the Firefox browser), write down the name of the image and the file ending. It will be something like “top.png” or “header.jpg”. Note the size it will be something like 190x760pixels. Can’t see it? Look right up the top, above where it says “File”.

Now, go to Irfanview and download the viewer if you don’t already have it and install it. Once installed, open up your image in  Irfanview and then select the  picture by  left click, hold and drag. As you do, watch the size change. Keep doing it until it is exactly the same size as the header pic (e.g. 190x760pixels). Immediately take your fingers off so it stays that size then  click on “cut” then open a “new, empty image” and paste the image into it. Save it as the name and file ending style of the header pic (e.g. header.jpg). FTP the image to the place where the original header pic is and replace it with the one you just made. Since it is exactly the same size and is called the same name, the Worpress software will show it in the header space. Well done. You now have your own picture there. Easy, huh? This is the way I did it for both this blog and for Josh’s Bistro blog.



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  2. I agreed with you

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