Posted by: interwebwords | September 2, 2008

This May Surprise You

Right now I want you to read out loud the following.  It’s a simple text that uses ordinary, everyday words that are used in normal conversation. Are you ready? Go for it. Just read it aloud in a slow, peaceful sort of way. You will learn something surprising if you do!

“Imagine that you are enjoying a day driving in the countryside. You can see those cute little cows that you’ve always liked. There’s a paddock full of them. It’s a perfect day. You feel at ease. The window is down and the breeze is cooling your skin. It is the kind of landscape that you enjoy driving through. As you imagine the view, try to feel the steering wheel in your hands and the pressure of your body against the seat. Visualise the interior of the car. You briefly take your eyes off the road and look at the instruments, glance in the rear view mirror. The road ahead is long and straight with no traffic. You are enjoying the drive. Try to visualize yourself in this scene. You glance down at the instruments again. You see a flash of light in the rear view mirror. Colours.
It’s the police.”

Well, I’ll bet that surprised you, didn’t it?  But how did you feel? Okay, you should know the routine by now. Write it all down or (print this out first then…) give it a range by circling one of the numbers below (you can do it in your mind if you like).

How did you feel? What did you feel physically and emotionally?




(When 1 is Not so much)      (10 is Very much)

How much were you affected? 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.


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